Healthy Homemade “Take Out”

In an attempt at being healthier, I tried making my own Chinese food! Shrimp fried rice it is! In preparing dinner, I thought this was going to be a typical meal where I like what I cooked more than everyone else eating but this time even the neighbor’s daughter even joined in because it smelled so good!
Sometimes as a full-time working mom it is really hard to be creative with dinner or even make time for cooking so I’m in search of easier ways to make fun meals. I am determined to be really good at prepping my meals so this will eventually be quicker and quicker each time. It gets really old eating the same things all the time so here is may be a new meal to add to your cookbook!



– white rice
-soy sauce
-sesame oil
-frozen peas & carrots
-little pink shrimp
-tony chaschere’s
-three eggs
-salt & pepper
– cook shrimp (season them with tony’s, salt, & pepper)
-cook about two cups of rice according to directions on package
-in seperate pan cook pea and carrots in sesame oil and soy sauce

-add rice and shrimp to the vegetables (cook between medium & high to fry the rice)
-push everything to the side of the pan to make an open circle in the middle
-scramble eggs with whisk in the middle w/ salt and pepper on medium

-mix all together and serve!


(Post Meal Note: This was super super delicious and reheated as left overs really well!)


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  1. Oh wow it looks so delicious! 🙂

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