Level Up || Mom Skills

From the very second I was pregnant I dreamed of making fun holiday desserts for school parties when Charlie was old enough! I made a few for my friend Patrice’s son, Jacob, while I was pregnant prepping my moms skills on party at a time! It’s so exciting that I can now do cool stuff for Charlie and one day she will be super excited instead of a mediocre response to me making a brain cake. I don’t think she quiet understands it all the way but she thinks it’s creepy like the brains we google when I’m trying to explain to my two year old that there is something in her head!
Keep in my I also started this with a bottle of RosĂ©. Rolling the fondant was probably the most annoying part of this entire thing and wine definitely helped! (So did my boyfriend by pitching in again on the annoying parts of food crafts!) I’ve waited all October to make this cake so here it is! This is a recipe for two cakes to make sure there is enough for the whole class!


-two boxes of red velvet cake mix (and whatever it calls for)

-three boxes of white fondant

-two containers of cream cheese frosting

-one jar of raspberry fruit spread

Other stuff you may need:

-soccer ball pan

-basting brush

-kitchen aid mixer

-cake boxes

-cardboard cake holder thing


-bake your cakes in soccer ball pans

-roll fondant into random sized snakes

-cut cake into brain shape

-thickly icing cake using entire frosting container

-randomly squiggle fondant snakes into brain like shapes


-Use basting brush to paint on raspberry fruit spread pretty heavy and covering all fondant and icing in between

-refrigerate overnight so that nothing slides or melts!

I hope this inspires someone out there to make fun things for their kid’s class! If anything this will be super best for Charlie to look back on one day!


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