Spaghetti Pizza

Hey guys! I’ve been terrible at making frequent post but here is an awesome meal I just made! Facebook has surprisingly given me many food ideas lately and I’m totally loving it! Here is an idea to add a little excitement to weekly meal making! I normally do not make spaghetti because I’m not a fan of red sauce but this requires less than normal marinara so I was excited to try it out!


-turkey meat
-angel hair pasta
-marinara sauce
-asiago and parmesan cheese mix (Trader Joe’s)
-springform pan
-Tony Chasere’s
-Worcestershire sauce

cook turkey meat with Worcestershire Sauce and Tony’s
Boil pasta
Mix meat and enough red sauce to cover it (not as much as normal. You don’t want to to be too saucy)
Add in pasta
Add all into springform pan
Bake for 25 minutes
Broil for 2.5 minutes



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