A Very Happy New Years Day

New Years Weekend for me means spending a little extra time with the ones I love! In 2016, I finally felt settled in Portland, met a few new amazing friends, met a super special guy, got a little dog, and had tons of laughs with my little Charlie Mattison. I’m excited to see what happens in 2017! I know this next year will be full of love and happiness because in 2016 I learned to be grateful for the people around me!


THIS MORNING STARTED OFF WITH THE FIRST DOOR PHOTO OF 2017! We tried real hard to get as many photos in front of the door as possible! We are going to print a little book of our past year and hope to continue every year!

Today we went to Fire on the Mountain for lunch then came home to have some beers and make RED VELVET COOKIES! (check out the recipe on your  red velvet cake box …hehehe)

And for my final and favorite part of my day! I love watching these two bond and grow in their relationship! It truly means a lot to have such a great man by my side and someone who can be a best friend to Charlie too! ❤




Tell me in the comments below what you did for New Years Day and what a new year means to you!


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